Georgia Travel Diaries – Part 2

We were more than excited on our second day as we had our first snow experience then. Georgia in November is considered to be in late fall season and so snow is not much visible. Luckily, there’s one place called Gudauri where snow lasts for at least 9 months in a year, according to our tour guide.

Before we hit the road to Gudauri, we passed by the beautiful Jvari monastery, an Orthodox monastery translated as the Monastery of the Cross. From the church, we saw a panoramic view of the town of Mtskheta and the breathtaking scenery of the Aragvi rivers and mountains. Then off we went to Ananuri Fortress Complex which is about 15 minutes away from Jvari. Ananuri is an ancient monastery complex dating back to the 17th century.



beautiful Ananuri

We had few more stops before reaching Gudauri. We passed by the stunning view of the torquoise-coloured Zhinvali Reservoir and took some great pictures. We also had an unexpected stop due to the crossing of farm animals such as cows and sheeps. It was such an amazing view. The image of Moses as a shepherd came to my mind, tending the flocks of sheeps. Too bad the kids were sleeping so they were not able to see them. I just took a video of it and showed them.



traffic in Georgia be like.. 😉


Gorgeous Georgia



After 5 hours of traveling (including all the stops), we have finally reached the snowy Gudauri. We immediately geared ourselves with warm costumes then immerged to the snow. Kids and adults alike doesn’t seem to care the freezing weather and cold cold ice. We enjoyed every moment there.


After staying there for some couple of hours, we headed to Kazbegi to stay there for a night. We had a nice but pricey dinner at  Stephantsminda Restaurant. We’ve been told that that was the only restaurant in the village and we’ve got no choice. The food is just fine but not the price and the quality of service rendered to us. We took a side trip at Rooms View Hotel and checked in at Easy Hotel. At night, our guys invited Mr. Tariel over some few glasses of wine in our room. He’s a kind and gentle soul, full of wisdom and experiences.


Collage 2017-05-26 13_45_52




a night to remember


The following morning, we were up for some early adventure as we climbed the zigzag mountains of Kazbegi. Mr. Tariel rented out a van to take us to the top of the mountain and it took more than 30 minutes to reach there. The road was narrow, rugged, and difficult. But everything’s worthwhile when we reached the top. We had the most amazing view from the top, albeit windy and freezing cold temperature. Marvie and I, with the help of Mr. Tariel carried on with our adventure by climbing up the stiff walkways towards the Gergetti Trinity Church. With the strong wind and temperature of -7 degrees, it was so hard to take a decent photo. I was even taking a photo beside the cliff when the wind pushed me I was almost thrown away. We went inside the church and there was a mass going on. We did not stay long as I didn’t have the scarf or something to cover my head. After that thrilling adventure, we had our brunch on the same restaurant and drove back to Tbilisi.

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