Georgia Travel Diaries – Part 1

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region nestled between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is a gorgeous country embodied by unspoiled natural beauties such as majestic mountains, rivers and lakes, green meadows and pastures. When you say Georgia, one would automatically think of it as one of the states in the US. Little do they know that there’s a certain country in Europe, a little piece of paradise do exists.

We arrived at Hota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport at 3am. We were greeted by a seemingly chilly weather as low as 5 degrees. We immediately saw Mr. Tariel holding a flashcard with the name of Marvie so we approached him in an instant and introduced ourselves. He then drove us to our first accommodation, which is located at the city proper, approximately 35 minutes away from the airport without traffic.

We reached the cozy and beautiful Green Garden Aparthotel past 4am. Since it is still early, we took rest and slept for few hours. By 11am, Mr. Tariel was already downstairs waiting for us. We told him to take us to a nice restaurant to energize before going on tours.

We had a sumptuous lunch in one of the famous Georgian restaurant called Maspendzelo. We tried their local delicacies such as the Khinkali (sulguni cheese dumplings), Ajarian Kachapuri (oven baked bread with cheese, egg and butter above), Pork Abkhazura (minced and spiced pork sausage), and some pork barbecue.



delicious Georgian delicacies


After that delightful lunch, we toured around the winding streets of Tbilisi’s old district. We passed by the dome shaped houses, known otherwise as the sulphur bath houses. Tbilisi is blessed with natural hot springs, and so these bath houses emerged. Not only does the hot steam relaxes, it is also said that Tbilisi thermal waters have some medicinal properties that cures several illnesses. The famous Alexander Dumas and Pushkin had bathed here.



on top of the bath houses


Walking further, we saw the love locks on a brick bridge in Abanotubani. Unlike those in Paris and Seoul that we’ve been to, there’s not much locks on the bridge yet. It could be that tourists are not aware that such thing exists in Tbilisi. Well, we’re not aware of it either so we were not able to bring those padlocks to hang on the bridge and keys to throw on to the stream. Then at the end of the walkways, a hidden gem is what we behold. We found an astonishing waterfall flowing freely down the stream.



friendship on the love bridge



captivating waterfalls



After that pleasurable walk, we drove up the top of Mtatsminda Park and got a lovely sight of the city. Then we tried the funicular ride one-way down to the lower station Chonquadze. I might say that this is one of the best things to do while in Tbilisi in order for you to get the most spectacular views of the city. One way trip will cost you as low as GEL2. Our generous guide, Mr. Tariel bought our tickets for us without charge.



magnificent views from the funicular


We fancied a home cooked dinner so we asked Mr. Tariel to take us to a supermarket. We went to Carrefour and bought some pork and rice. The guys cooked boiled pork soup and it tasted nice. While having our dinner, the owner of the aparthotel has generously given us some big chunks of grilled pork skewers and her home made sweet wine. It was one of our best dinner!



home made wine and pork skewer


6 thoughts on “Georgia Travel Diaries – Part 1

  1. I’m so jealous but I’m happy for your family and friends to visit Georgia. Even though I didn’t make it, you were able to see the beauty of the Caucasus region. Georgia is still on my bucket list. Your adventure was sure fun, I can see it in the photos. Safe travels friend!

  2. Hello Carl. Thank you for your kind words. We did had an awesome adventure in Georgia and are planning to visit it’s neighboring country Armenia, hopefully this year.. in God’s grace. Hope you could also make it to Georgia and share your experience with us. I’m sure you will love it there. God bless you my friend. 🙂

    • Hello Vinneve. Thank you for leaving a comment on my post. I’ve seen on your post that you’ve been to Azerbaijan which is close to Georgia. I’m sure when you go to Georgia, you will love it there. Cheers!

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