A Magical Taste of Helsingør

Helsingør, also known as Elsinore in English is a city in the eastern part of Denmark, and close to Helsingborg in Sweden. One could reach Helsingborg by a ferry ride. More than the famous Kronbog Castle, the small city has a lot of magnificent places to visit.

statue of Hamlet and Ophelia

I have listed below 8 interesting figures / places to visit while in Helsingør:

1.      Kronborg Castle. Denmark has an enormous number of castles and Kronborg is one of my favourites. It is one of the Renaissance Castles in Europe and has been included to UNESCO’s World Heritage site. The location is impressive, with an extraordinary view of the sea and Sweden. The tower has amazing architectures, room chambers beautifully decorated, and castle itself was well-preserved. What makes it more interesting is the live scene of the “Hamlet” play happening around the castle. Hamlet, Ophelia and the rest of casts did an amazing and entertaining show.

stunning Kronborg Castle
inside the palace
beautiful painting of the castle
top view painting of the castle
actors/actresses of Hamlet
Holger Danske statue

2.      St. Olaf’s Church. This beautiful red brick gothic cathedral is named after the Norwegian King Olav. It is best known for its impressive, huge altarpiece.

beautiful St. Olaf Church
inside the church

3.      St. Mary’s Church and Carmelite Monastery. We stumbled upon this lovely church on our way to the Kronborg Castle. It has a splendid architecture dating back to the Middle Age.

4.      Han scuplture. “Han” is the Danish word for “He”. It is a lonely, young man figure considered to be the male version of the statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.

5.      Helsingør Vaerftsmuseum. It is a small but interesting ship yard museum.

6. Helsingør Bycenter. It is a pedestrian shopping street in Helsingør. It also has numerous cafes and restaurants.    

street art in Helsingør

7. Hercules of Hydra. An interesting sculpture of Hercules and the serpents. Just wondering though – why is Hercules in Denmark? Lol.

from palace to the statue of Hercules
Hercules of Hydra

8. Garbage Fish of Helsingør

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