Georgia Preparations

Apiado Family had an awesome adventure last October 2016 in Georgia (yeah, I know it’s a super late post). It’s not the state in the US, rather it is the country in the Europe. And this time it was different as we have conquered another country with new travel buddies – the Dampil Family.

Let me show you the preparations we made and the expenses we incurred all throughout our five-day journey in the beautiful country of Georgia.

1. Flight Tickets

It’s been actually more than a year since me and my friends planned out for this holiday getaway in Georgia. Our tickets were purchased in March 2016 when flydubai offered some discounts and sale on flight tickets. We got the craziest deal of AED 570 two-way fare between Dubai and Tbilisi. Would you believe that?! Well as much as we are crazy-happy with our best flight deal, two of our friends didn’t fly with us. We’re supposed to be a total of 8 travellers including the kids, but Santos Family didn’t make it because Daisy gave birth on the same day we were in Georgia. Though we missed their company, we’re at the same time happy because another blessing has come. By the way, AED 570 doesn’t include food, luggage and insurance. Since Dubai to Tbilisi is just a three-hour journey, food wasn’t a problem for us. For the luggage, we just purchased a total of 20kgs luggages for our family and that costs an extra AED 100 for the two-way trip.

2. Accommodations

For our accommodation, we stayed in 4 different hotels / guesthouses which is dependent on the area we’re into. We just booked for a refundable 5 days stay at Green Garden Aparthotel in only to be presented at the immigration in case they ask for it. Actually, we just stayed there for 2 nights and just paid according to the no. of nights we stayed.

Below are the list of accommodations and prices we’ve been to:

A. Green Garden Aparthotel in Tbilisi  – GEL70 per room per night (convertion rate is GEL1 = AED1.5)

This is actually a cozy and newly renovated mansion like Aparthotel in Tbilisi. We occupied the 2 rooms at the 2nd floor and we had shared bathrooms and kitchen. We were free to use the utensils at the kitchen and we liked the idea of cooking our own food there. The owner was friendly and generous. During our last night, she offered some personally made wine and some juicy, savoury pork barbecue.



Green Garden Aparthotels


B. Easy Hotel in Kazbegi – GEL100 per night for 2 families.

This is a small hotel located at Stephantsminda. Original price per room is GEL80 but since we’re all sharing in one room, they charged us an extra GEL20 which works fine for us. This one should’ve been fine except that the owner is not accommodating. They refused to offer us some hot water as they would like us to dine in their restaurant located downstairs so we also refused and dined outside instead.



Easy Hotel



stunning view from the hotel



C. Mate Guesthouse in Sighnagi – GEL70 Bed and Breakfast per room.

So far the best hotel/guesthouse we’ve been to in Georgia. It is a great guesthouse with a homey atmosphere. We occupied 2 rooms with attached bathrooms per family. Though the house is a bit old, it still looks warm, clean, and well-maintained by the owner. We were offered the best Georgian breakfast matched with the very strong Cha-cha (a Georgian vodka made from grapes). It is their tradition to warm the body with cha-cha, early in the morning before meals. They also had a nice garden at the back, and with a great view of the mountains and valleys.



Mate Guesthouse



with the owners of the Guesthouse



D. Green Garden Aparthotel in Anton Katalikosi St. Tbilisi – GEL70 per room per night (same owner as the first hotel in Tbilisi but at different location).

This hotel is located at the city centre, 10 minutes walk away from the peace bridge. We rented out 2 adjacent rooms and just like the first hotel we stayed in Tbilisi, we were also allowed to use the kitchen and cooked our breakfast there.



a snapshot with the owner


Total accommodation expenses per family (5 days): AED 495

3. Tour Guide

Mr. Tariel Tabashidze is our official private tour guide during our 5-day stay in Georgia. He’s well adept in Georgian history and speaks 4 official languages (English, German, Russian and Georgian). He’s a soft spoken man and kind soul who cares a lot for his family.

We paid him around AED 500 per person (kids are for free). This includes pick-up and drop off to and from the airport, and transportation to scenic spots in Georgia. His fees are negotiable, depending on the itinerary and duration of stay in Georgia. To those who might be interested with his services, you can view his profile and pm him at facebook: Tariel Tabashidze.



Mr. Tariel with the kiddos


After summing up our expenses (inclusive of hotel, airfare, food and souvenirs), it turned out that total expenses is AED 1500 x 3 pax (2 adults and a toddler).

Let us now shift to the next page and explore what Georgia has to offer.

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