Welcome to our family website!

We are the Apiado Family and we are the travelling trio.

This website is created to document me and my family’s adventures as we go out of our comfort zone and try to make memories around the world. We are basically from the Philippines, currently residing in the UAE – Dubai to be exact. Mr. Apiado and I embarked our very first travel adventure in 2009 at the historical city of Istanbul. Our youngest traveller began his very first travel he was just 14 days old, from Dubai to Philippines. At the age of 1, he had already been into 9 amazing countries and 18 magnificent cities. Oh yes, the very long travelling hours spent up in the sky, the changing diapers, and baby feeding didn’t matter or even bothered us. We believe that through traveling, we get to spend quality time with the family, thus strengthening our relationship with one another. And what is more than having a chance and opportunity to learn and experience new things?

For us, life is about is about going to places and each day offers a new adventure to take. So let our family take you to our blog world and join us on this wonderful world journey.


Meet the Apiados

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  1. hi gladys 🙂 nice to found your blog 🙂 and happy to read my kababayan’s family travel adventures 😉 i will keep following your travels coz it inspire me more to do the same 🙂 hope you can check my blog too and follow too if you like it 🙂 thanks and happy travels 😉

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