A Memorable Stay at Rungsted

According to Wikipedia, Rungsted is an affluent suburban neighborhood in Hørsholm Municipality, on the øresund coast north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The center of Hørsholm  is located two kilometers west of Rungsted. At the  øresund coast is Rungsted Harbour, a marina.

Rungsted is a beautiful place if you want to simply relax and enjoy the calming view of the marina. There isn’t much of touristic spots in the area. They only have the Karen Blixen Museum (unfortunately we were not able to visit) and the Rungsted Havn.

Rungsted Havn. Runsgted havn is a picturesque place which is always worth a visit. You can stroll and relax while having a glimpse of the numerous docked ships breathing in the cold fresh air. You can also find variety of restaurants and souvenir shops along the place.

Rungstedgaard Hotel. Perhaps the best and most well-known hotel in the area is the palace-like hotel called Rungstedgaard and this is where we stayed for 3 days and 4 nights and it is also where we celebrated our company’s 70th Anniversary. My husband and I loved everything about the hotel. Hotel staff made sure we had a comfortable stay and had provided everything that we need. Rooms are not that spacious but still bed’s are comfortable. We had a nice view of the forest from our room and it’s a wonderful feeling to wake up and see the beauty of nature first thing in the morning. They also offer complimentary drinks – tea and coffee machines are located on each side near the reception. They have kid’s indoor play area where the young one’s are entertained. Breakfast is good with wide and healthy food variety and an amazing view overlooking the marina. What is best here is that we were able to explore the neighborhood using their bicycle for free. After the meetings, our form of relaxation is to cycle the neighborhood and explore around.

As mentioned earlier, our company head office hosted its 70th anniversary and all employees from different subsidiaries were invited including their partners. So the event was celebrated in one of the event halls of the hotel. It was an exciting party with lots of food and drinks. A live music band was also available to entertain the crowd. It was truly and amazing and memorable experience for me and my husband.

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