Top Places to Visit in Copenhagen

cycling is also famous in Copenhagen, just like Amsterdam

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is one of the most popular place to be in Europe. It is such a lovely city with a wide range of entertainment, historical places, parks, shopping and dining experience. I have been to Copenhagen twice – the first time was during a cold winter in 2017 for a solo business trip and this year around, it was great privilege for me to experience summer in Copenhagen with my husband (thank God for that and thank you to my generous company who sponsored our travel)!

Here are some of the wonderful places that we’ve visited in Copenhagen city:

1. Nyhavn . Nyhavn is one of my favorite place in Copenhagen due to it’s cool and relaxing ambience. One would really appreciate the view of the harbour with a background of colourful houses. The place is actually similar to Amsterdam and I love both of them. Nyhavn is also famous as the world known children literature writer used to live in one of the houses here.

picturesque Nyhavn

2. Tivoli Garden. It is an amusement park located at the centre of the city, just beside the Central Station. This is the kind of place where both kids and kids at heart enjoy life to the fullest.

people flocking to Tivoli Gardens upon its opening
statue of Hans Christian Anderson looking at Tivoli Gardens

3. “Rundetaarn” or The Round Tower. It is a 17th century tower built mainly for astronomical observations. What makes it distinct from other towers is its unique spiral ramp. It doesn’t have an elevator so visitors need to climb those spiral walks.

4. Strøget. Strøget is the famous pedestrian shopping street in Copenhagen, stretching to 1.1-kilometre-long from City Hall Square to Nytorv Square. You will find classy boutique shops that sell luxury branded products and lots of souvenir items. There are also many cafes and restaurants along the way.

shoppers at Stroeget

5. City Hall Square

Copenhagen City Hall
City Hall Square
City Hall Square

6. Christmas Market

For yuletide spirit feels, Copenhagen has several Chritsmas markets, from November to December. We visited the one in JULEMARKED HØJBRO PLADS. Different shops participate in catering the needs of shoppers and customers. Beautifully handcrafted sweaters, gloves and bonnets, bags, clothings, different kinds of delicious foods, drinks, home decors, souvenirs, etc.

The Christmas Market
one of the shops at Christmas Market

Cabinn City. We had a comfortable stay in this hotel only for a night. As the hotel campaign slogan said “All you need to sleep”. Well, it is basically all we need to sleep.

definitely all we need to sleep

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