Enchanting Hillerød

Hillerød is located on the north of Copenhagen and is around 45-minutes drive away from the capital city. Although Hillerød is just a small city in Denmark, the place has a lot to offer. It is famous for its renaissance castle with baroque gardens, museums and abbey, extensive woodlands, largest lakes, and wild animals such as deer.

the neighborhood
strolling around
strolling at night

 I have listed down below some interesting things that I did while in Hillerød:

1. Travelled back in time at Frederiksborg Castle

This impressive castle is considered as the largest renaissance castle in the Scandinavia, originally built as a royal residence of the Danish King Christian IV, to which was renovated and converted to a museum when it got damaged by a fire. Since then, it houses The Museum of National History, showcasing the historical Danish portraits and paintings, royalty furnishings and decorative arts. The castle grounds have a massive baroque style landscaped gardens, to which some have called this as the Nordic Versailles. It also has a spectacular view of the garden lake where you could see lots of birds, swans and ducks.

breathtaking view of the palace near the lake
Entrance to the Castle

Going to this place brings back some magic and mystery. I felt like I was traveling back in time – as if I was standing in front of the king, queen, barons and knights. For me it’s like a fairy tale that comes into reality.

2. Attended a Free Musical Organ Concert at Frederiksborg Chapel

It was getting dark when I visited so I didn’t get much time to explore the place. Although it was freezing cold and completely dark at 5PM, I still decided to go inside the castle as I could still see some people flocking in. The crowd led me to the chapel of the castle. It’s said that the chapel was built solely as an exclusive church for the royal family and no commoners are admitted. Today, the chapel serves as a parish church and is open for services such as baptisms and weddings.

So I went inside the chapel and I was lucky to witness a musical organ concert. It was my first time to attend such event and I must say that the performance was excellent. The organist played very well and was able to convey different types of emotions to the audience/listeners. The choir also did a good job and the soloist had an angelic voice.

impressive ceiling designs

3. Relaxing Moment at Frederiksborg Square

I had a serene, me-time moment sitting at the Frederiksborg Square, while appreciating the magnificent views of the Frederiksborg Castle and lake. I meditated, and I realized how blessed I was to be given such a rare and wonderful opportunity to visit this lovely place.

4. Shopping at Bilka Slotsarkaderne

Slotsarkaderne is a not-so-big shopping mall. It is located at the city centre of Hillerød, and a few minutes walk away from Frederiksborg Castle. It has some wonderful designs and architecture, with approximately 60+ retail stores, some few coffee shops, fast food and restaurants. Since lego toys originated from this country, I had purchased here a Lego Lightning Mc Queen for my son.

5. Fine dining at Rib House

Rib House is considered to be the best steakhouse in town. The restaurant is also within the proximity of Frederiksborg Castle. Locals and tourists frequent this place because of its delicious, mouth-watering steaks which comes with a free salad buffet and soft ice cream.

6. Comfortable stay at Hotel Hillerød

Hotel has a delightful ambience with good selection of breakfast items. Stayed here for 5 days and everything went on smoothly.

comfortable beds at Hilleroed Hotel

FACT About This Travel:

I’ve been contemplating whether to post this or not since this is not a family travel. I went to Denmark as part of the company’s product training as well as to attend the conference with fellow finance officers from other subsidiaries. It was my first business trip, my first travel without my family and it wasn’t fun without them.

Well at the end I decided to include this in our family travel blog as I’m not pretty sure I will have the time to create a separate blog for my solo travels. Besides, I don’t think I’m going to have more solo trips in the future not unless the company will send me for another business trip.

Our company’s office headquarter by the way sits in this beautiful city of Hillerød.

my photo in front of our company head quarters

Travel Date: November 2017

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