Beautiful Bolinao

Apart from Alaminos’ Hundred Islands, Bolinao is one of the most visited tourist destination in Pangasinan. It is one of the most emerging tourist spot of the north, known for its pristine beaches, white sands, seaside resorts, lighthouses, and ecologically preserved marine environment.

Our family went on a summer escape to Bolinao last April. It was sort of a family reunion as my siblings all went home in April. It’s a shame though Mom and Dad didn’t join us due to some unavoidable situations.


Our first itinerary was to visit the Bolinao Falls. From Dagupan, we reached the city proper within two hours. Upon reaching there, we asked for some directions on how to go the falls. The road however was not easy. It was narrow, rough, and bumpy. We could’ve reached our destination within 30 minutes but given the situation, it was doubled. Reaching Bolinao Falls is like finding a precious jewel. All the inconvenience and struggles on the road pays off when we saw how captivating the view is.


Actually there were 3 Bolinao Falls and they are some few meters apart from each other. I wasn’t quite sure if we headed to Bolinao Falls 2 or 3. We parked on an empty lot and walked down the steep stairs in order to get to the falls. I was fascinated by the sound of the strong water falling from above. There were three small waterfalls cascading down the stream. The water was warm, clear and inviting. The kids immediately dipped in and enjoyed swimming and playing. We rented a raft so we could get closer to the water falls and it was such an awesome experience. The only drawback though is that everything is pricey and everything you do comes with a price.

  • Entrance Fee – Php 20/head
  • Nipa Hut Rental – Php 200
  • Raft Rental – Php 200
  • Life vest – Php 70
  • Use of Bathroom – Php 5 / Php 10

After a couple of hours, we left Bolinao Falls and proceeded to the beach.


And so we tackled the same challenge we had back earlier on the road. Thankfully, we reached Patar White Beach in about an hour. Yey!


We rented out a cottage for the price of Php 2,000 which is good for 20 persons. We brought in some packed lunch so as to minimize our expenses in food.



first time to taste the sea urchin

The water from the beach is clean and crystal clear and it has fine, creamy white sand. We enjoyed swimming, collecting some sea shells and walking on the shore. It was truly another unforgettable summer vacation for the Apiado Family.










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