Seafood Adventures at Matutina’s & Gerry’s Seafood House

Matutina’s Seafood has already built a good name when it comes to the best seafood in Dagupan. I remember taking my family out for a lunch in their old branch in Bonuan Tondaligan. Everytime I visit my family in Pangasinan, my dad would always request that we dine in Matutina’s. Kare-kare and grilled catfish are his favorites.

To celebrate hubby’s birthday, I told mom and dad that we all go out for a lunch at Matutina’s. Mom told me there’s a newly opened branch in Jose De Venecia Extension Highway. We were told that Gerry is the son and business partner of Matutina, thus the Matutina’s and Gerry’s Seafoods – The Home of Fresh Seafoods.


There are a lot of people when we went there and all tables are full so I suggest that one should plan ahead and make some reservations at the restaurant. It’s a good thing we were queued 2nd on the waiting list so it’s bearable to wait for some few minutes. While waiting, I looked upon the menu and finalized our orders so we don’t have to wait much til our orders are served.

After few minutes we were seated at the outside dining area. Then after some few minutes more, our orders came. I have actually ordered for Set A (priced at Php 2240) from the Combo Meal which is good for 10 persons. This is a fair deal which offers 2 platters of pancit, 2 sinigang salmon belly, 2 talong with inihaw na mangga, 2 grilled hito, 2 sizzling pusit, 10 cups of rice and a tower of iced tea. For the drinks, there is an option of 2 coke liters of the tower iced tea. The food was excellent and the servings were huge.


intereriors of the restaurant


a portion of the menu


our delicious order


with the fambam



for pasalubong and take aways





Overall, we were satisfied with the food, the ambience, the service and most especially the price. I have recommended Matutina’s to my other friends and I’m sure they’re gonna love it too.

This famous restaurant is oftenly visited by some politicians and local celebrities due to its excellent food and service. Currently it has three other branches – one in Urdaneta, Pangasinan, in Tarlac City, Tarlac and the last one is in San Fernando City, Pampanga.

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