Puerto Galera Adventure

Puerto Galera is acclaimed as one of the most visited tourist destination in the country. It is a tropical paradise known for its magnificent natural wonders such as the crystal blue waters, white sands, lush mountains and forests, breathtaking waterfalls and rivers, and the rich marine life.

We hired the same van that took us from Calapan to Gloria. It took us around 3 hours and a half to reach PG from Gloria. The road trip alone is already an adventure as we hitched through the zigzag pavement. We enjoyed the sightseeing, taking photos, and had fun singing, laughing and playing with my son. We saw a “hot bibingka (rice cake) for sale” signage along the road which made our first stop. It was worth stopping by as we had tasted the best bibingka in town. It was cheesy, chunky, and so delicious. Our next stop was a short one, we went to a nearby petrol station to fuel up, and bought some light snacks and drinks. Our last stop was at Brgy. Villaflor, a quaint village in PG where the famous Tamaraw Falls is located. One would not go far just to see its beauty as it is just situated along the road.


the Apiados in Puerto Galera


Tamaraw Falls

The breathtaking cascades of Tamaraw Falls is a natural gem of the city. It is a nature’s masterpiece one would really admire of. The majestic falls derived its name from Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo or Tamaraw which is endemic to the island of Mindoro.


captivating Tamaraw Falls




Coco Lee Beach Resort

We didn’t make prior reservations to any of the hotels in PG for we knew there’s a lot of affordable places we could stay in for just a night. Our driver recommended Coco Lee Resort and took us there to see if we would like it. The owner is his friend and we liked the idea that it is just 5 minutes walk from the beach. We took 2 small nipa/bamboo houses for as low as Php 1500 each. It is a simple house with tiny air conditioned rooms but it’s everything we need to shelter for a day.


our shelter for the night



Puerto Galera White Beach

We went to the beach at around 3:00 in the afternoon. We strolled along the seaside and saw different shops mostly selling souvenir items, offering body art tattoos. After that long walk, we decided to dive in to the beach and enjoyed the clear, cold waters. We also have witnessed the captivating sunset which became a lovely backdrop of the beach.

At night, the place is alive and full of people. Lights, loud music, parties and shows are everywhere. There were different dance shows and fire dancers to entertain both locals and tourists. It was my first time to witness an actual fire dancing show and I must say that I am thrilled with the performance. The stunts and exhibitions portrayed are not so easy and could be dangerous too. We did not however, stayed that long as young Apollo is with us and we have an early morning trip to catch up.


I heart Puerto Galera



with the Fambam


beautiful sunset


PG at night




We took the 8:00 morning trip departing at the beach. We sailed on an open boat so we had the chance to see more of its beauty.. so lovely, mesmerizing, captivating. Let the photos speak for its wonders.

‘Twas another amazing and wonderful adventure with the family. We went back home to Pangasinan and continued our adventure there.





wonderful views


beautiful islands







4 thoughts on “Puerto Galera Adventure

  1. Beautiful indeed and I never thought there are some cheap accomodation there as our last time was in Coco Beach and it’s expensive! Next time we will try to find this Coco Lee.

    • Thanks for taking time to read my posts. We hired a van from the port and it was the driver who suggested this affordable accommodation in Puerto Galera – highly recommended.

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