Rhythm & Taste Evenings at JW Marriott

Every Thursday and Friday, guests at JW Marriott Deira are entertained with Rhythm and Taste Evenings. With a wide array of international dishes to choose from 3 of the hotel’s main restaurants – Bamboo Lagoon, The Market Place, and Hofbrauhaus plus a pretty cool live band performance, AED 295 (inc of soft beverages) will be such an awesome and fair deal.


The Three Restaurants


My boys at The Bamboo Lagoon

Hubby has received his hard-earned bonus earlier, and so to celebrate this, we headed off to JW Mariott Deira.

I made our reservations at the Bamboo Lagoon Restaurant. Although we are seated there, we are allowed to take food from the other two restaurants. Bamboo Lagoon is the best when it comes to food quality and ambience. It offers the best of Asian delicacies from Thai, Japanese, Mongolian and Chinese. From Mongolian section you will find the freshest selection of seafood (cherry fish, lobster and tiger prawns) pick your own ingredients and ask the chef to cook for you. Hubby enjoyed much of the cherry fish. Thai section will also let you create your own seafood tom yum and noodle soup. Pad Thai noodles and the sweet and sour Papaya salad are my personal favorites. The crunchy bean sprout made the Pad Thai noodles tastes even better. Sushi, sashimi, tempura and miso soup are also best served at the Japanese court. For the Chinese section, I just had a small portion of a roasted pecking duck. They also served chicken and beef skewers.


Cozy setting the Bamboo Lagoon


seafood delight!


Pecking Duck Station


Tom yum section

The Market Place also served a delightful choices of international cuisines like pasta, roasted turkey, angus steak, Indian curries and another selection of seafood delights such as fresh and creamy oyster, grilled salmon and Nile fish, prawns and others. Hubby and I are arguing which restaurant offers the best. I already mentioned earlier that I like Bamboo Lagoon best while hubby prefers Market Place.



The Band


at The Market Place


sweet temptations at Hofbrauhaus


choco fountain at the fountain

The third restaurant we indulged into was an authentic German menu and hearty Bavarian cuisine called Hofbräuhaus Restaurant. Their bestseller is the mouthwatering roasted pork dipped into a sweet cranberry sauce. Desserts are very much enjoyed here as they have several selections of caramel, chocolate and mango creme brulees, tarts, mousse in different flavours, cakes and pies, a choco fountain as well as an ice cream which also comes in different flavours.

It was indeed an incredible evening for us – good place, good food and of course good company.

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