Dubai Butterfly Garden

After the magnificent Dubai Miracle Gardens, the city has opened the 2nd largest covered butterfly garden in the world, next to Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park in Malaysia. Located in Dubailand, just adjacent to Dubai Miracle Garden, this newly launched garden is home to different species of butterflies and pupae, some originating from Asia, Africa, and some from Latin America.



It was the 2nd day of Eid Al Adha when we visited there. There was a big queue in purchasing the tickets. Good thing I have pre-ordered our tickets online from And what’s more, actual ticket costs Dhs50 per head at the garden’s main entrance, while I bought ours online at Dhs39 only.

The garden showcased colourful butterfly designs with endless rows of flowers at the outdoor landscapes. There is also a restaurant café which features a beehive as its interior lightings. Very impressive! And before going inside the butterfly domes, you’ll have to enter the butterfly museum which displays spectacular butterfly art collections. Here you will find creative butterfly mosaics forming into different kinds and shapes. I was impressed to see photos of the UAE rulers formed with colourful butterfly mosaic.

a beehive cafe

a beehive café

beautiful butterfly mosaic

beautiful butterfly mosaic

butterfly mosaic of UAE Rulers

butterfly mosaic of UAE Rulers

different butterfly species

different butterfly species

this caught my attention

‘Love the quote

The butterfly dome is temperature contolled and serves as a natural habitat for these butterflies. You will find them fluttering around freely and getting fed on the fruits and flowers’ nectars. My son Apollo was a bit daunted at first, but when he saw a butterfly landed off on my face and some on my fingers, he then realized that they’re friendly and harmless. I put a butterfly on to his arm and he enjoyed it. 

It was indeed a day well spent with family and friends at Dubai Butterfly Garden.

butterflies natural environment

butterflies natural environment



butterflies in vibrant colours

butterflies in vibrant colours



Apollo with her bestfriend Mikai

Apollo with her bestfriend Mikai



3 thoughts on “Dubai Butterfly Garden

  1. … I am TERRIFIED of butterflies. Yes, yes, I know it’s a completely unfounded… but I can’t help but freak out!! haha. Still – it looks like you had a beautiful day. 🙂

    • Butterflies are friendly so there’s nothing to be afraid of. My son was scared at first but when I put the butterfly on to his arms he enjoyed it later on. Thanks for your comment. We did had a great time 🙂

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