Thank you Ruzzel for the nomination. That was so kind of you. Check out his awesome blog on

Listed below are the rules of this award:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. List the Rules and Display the Brotherhood of the world Award logo to your post and/or blog.
  3. Answer the questions set to you.
  4. Nominate around ten bloggers.
  5. Create your set of questions for your nominees.

And here are the answers to the questions posted for me:

  1. Why are you blogging?

The ultimate reason why I blog is to document my family’s adventure in and out of the country. I want to have something to cherish to when I grow old and to share the stories with my children and grandchildren.

  1. Name the top 3 blogs you frequently visit and why?    

No Juan Is An Island – He has an amazing blog and I usually get tips and ideas from him about nature trips in the Philippines. I find his blog very useful.

Pinay Flying High – Her solo travels are so inspiring. I was planning out for a trip to Greece with the family, hopefully by next year and since she had been in and out of Greece for several times, I’ve been looking for some tips on some interesting places to visit in Greece.

Happy Home Fairy – She has an inspiring blog and I love reading her stuffs about parenting, home recipes, and some motivational Christian journals.

  1. Name your top 3 travel destinations and why? 

Paris, Jerusalem, and Seychelles

Paris – I’ve been to Paris with my family last and I loved everything about the place.. the food, the touch of classic & medieval atmosphere, the culture, and the people. We stayed there for only 2 days and I know that it wasn’t enough to explore the place. I’ve been longing to come back to discover more about this place.

Jerusalem – Being a Christian, it is my ultimate dream to visit this historical and holy city where our Lord Jesus was born. I want to travel back to the ancient Biblical times and study more about it.

Seychelles – I love going to the beach and I would like to take my family there someday.

  1. How much money do you have in your wallet/pocket right now?

I only have AED 55 right now (equivalent to USD 14.99) as I usually use credit cards for more often for daily purchases. I only keep a small amount of cash in case of emergency. I also carry in my wallet different currencies in small denominations which I collected from our previous travels.

  1. What are you thinking after being nominated in this award? 

I feel privileged having nominated for the first time. I feel happy that somehow, someone has appreciated and liked reading my stuffs.

My nominees:

  1. I am the Real Martinez
  2. Ren Wanders
  3. Rasty Sanchez
  4. Sea of Beauty
  5. The Lone Traveler Carl
  6. Lone Sojourns
  7. From Flats to Heels
  8. East Please
  9. Runaway Pinay
  10. Happy Home Fairy

And here are my questions to all:

  1. What do you do for work?
  2. If you would have a son being born today, what would you name him?
  3. Where would you prefer to live – really, really cold or really, really hot? and Why.
  4. Do you have secret talent? What is it?
  5. Tell us a funny story from your week so far.

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