Feasting at “The Feast”

Located at the 6th Floor of Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai, The Feast lives it up to its name. The Feast it really is – with its wide selection of food and beverage, you really would get into feasting! We had our dinner and breakfast during our stay at the hotel and I can say that I am impressed with the quality of food and service. They played a sweet and mellow instrumental song, and the views of the Sheikh Zayed Road from the balcony are just so amazing. Perfect for our anniversary date.
Our Dinner
For our dinner, our young Apollo started it out with the creamy broccoli soup. He also had a small portion of the grilled salmon and just had some watermelon to finish the dinner. He was so tired the whole day, swimming and playing that he slept as early as 8:30.
Hubby was so happy to start with the cold cuts of prawns and oysters for the appetizers. They also have a wide variety of salad to choose from like the seafood, pumpkin, chicken, and grilled vegetables. There’s also more cold mezze portions such as muhammarah, hummus, and moutabal. I love how they display the big breads on the bread section, however, I only took a small portion of focaccia bread so I could try some more food.
Mr. Chef for the Asian Wok

Mr. Chef for the Asian Wok


For the main course, they have two live cooking stations. One for the Asian Wok or the stir-fried chicken, beef, and vegetables. All you have to do is to select your ingredients and the chef will cook and deliver it for you. The other one is an international dish. For this they have pizza, pasta, grilled or fried salmon and sea bream, beef striploin, and chicken tikka. I had a creamy white pasta, a savoury grilled salmon fillet and a tender juicy sirloin steak. They also have this Arabic Chef station with the lamb kebab of course, fish biryani, saffron rice and the tandoor station.
Enjoying the meals

Enjoying the meals

Lastly for the sweet temptations, they have various cakes and mini pots where you have to choose from such as the key lime pot, brownie, cheese cake, strawberry eton mess, lemon posset, and sago soup mango passion compote. They also have a chocolate fountain for the young ones and young-at-heart.
highlights of the dinner

highlights of the dinner

Our Breakfast
I always love to indulge in breakfasts. I can say that I have eaten more of the breakfast than for our dinner the other night. I love the smell of freshly baked oven breads, pastries, cinnamon rolls and croissants. Apollo also loves croissants, he actually has eaten 2 chocolate mini croissants. He also had some yoghurt and cereals that I made for him. For his yoghurt, I took some almond nuts and dried cranberries plus some fresh mango slices as the toppings and he finds it amazing! They also have a live cooking station for chicken/vegetable noodle soup and Pad Thai Noodles. Other menu available are crepes, pancakes, waffles, sausages, boiled and sunny-side-up eggs, baked beans, hash browns, and nuggets. They also offer make-your-own sandwich (French baguettes with choices of beef salami, hot smoked chicken, beef patrami, chicken mortadella dressed with English mustard, horseradish and chopped gherkins. They also offer different flavours of smoothies like blueberry explosion, coconut & lemongrass, and mango & orange flavours. Salads are also available, already mixed in small container – flavours like green apple & pumpkin salad, morning cous cous with orange, papaya salad, and bircher muesli. Different fresh juices are also available – pomegranate, orange, apple, pineapple and mixed or tropical. Of course for the desserts, you can have cakes, chocolates and ice creams and also different kinds of fresh fruits.
my breakfast plate

my breakfast plate


To sum everything up, we had a wonderful experience at The Feast and would definitely consider coming back in the future.

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