Staycation at Sheraton Grand: Celebrating our 6th Year Anniversary

Hubby and I decided to celebrate our anniversary this year by staying in one of the hotels in Dubai and we chose to stay at Sheraton Grand in Shk Zayed Road due to its proximity in Deira. Hotel is fairly new, it was just opened up about half a year ago. We took a Deluxe King Bed and was so pleased to have a huge comfortable bedroom and a spacious bathroom. It has a modern and chic interior designs plus a stunning view of Shk Zayed Road.


I have requested for a late check-out and informed them that we are celebrating our anniversary but never did I expect them to give us a surprise. About 2 hours after we have checked-in, we heard someone knocking at the door and we were surprised to see a room attendant delivering our Anniversary cake. My son all of a sudden sang the Happy Birthday song. What he knew is that someone’s having a birthday if there’s a cake. Immediately we dig in and finished the delicious ice cream cake.


at the lobby / reception

at the lobby / reception

Thank you Sheraton for our Anniversary Cake

Thank you Sheraton for our Anniversary Cake

See that happy face?!

See that happy face?!



After eating the cake we went up to the rooftop, 52nd level of the building, where the swimming pool is located. I wasn’t suppose to swim but water is so inviting so finally I’ve decided to dive in. Hubby just watched at us while having a bottle of Corona to chill.

After getting into the pool waters, I soaked myself up into the bathtub to relax. It was indeed refreshing and relaxing.

Later that night, we had a sumptuous dinner at The Feast and was offered some fresh and savoury variety of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes. They actually have 2 sections of live cooking station – one for the Asian wok and another one for Italian (pasta and pizza) and seafood dish.

Breakfast is also served at the same place, at The Feast and I’m glad to say that they offer the same quality of service and we’re also offered a wide array of breakfast dishes.

We checked out at 3:30 after taking a long and refreshing afternoon nap. It was indeed a great way to relax and enjoy our anniversary. We definitely would like to go back to this hotel in the future.

Thanks hun for the flowers <3

Thanks hun for the flowers ❤

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