City of Dreams Review

Although we have enjoyed our overnight stay at the Hyatt and had so much fun at the Dreamplay, there’s one major drawback that we have experienced in this place. I understood that this is basically as a Casino Resort Complex, but I opposed the idea of combining the Dreamplay with the Casino in the same area.
We were on our way to Dreamplay that time using an escalator when an old lady next to us, on her way to the casino was heavily exhausting her cigarette smoke in front of our son, and in front of us. I was about to open my mouth and politely ask her to stop when my husband signaled me not to do it. He told me afterwards that the place is after all, a casino, and we have to bear with it.
One could still smell the cigarette smoke at the nearby restaurants. It so happened that we couldn’t get more time to dine outside COD, we didn’t have a choice so we ended up dining in one of it’s restaurants. We had our lunch on a contemporary Asian restaurant called The Red Ginger. We ordered some nase goreng and stir fried squid and pork, which were overpriced and poorly cooked. We even had to ask them to reheat the food as it’s not newly cooked, it’s totally cold. After paying the bills, we hurriedly went to Hyatt to check-in and of course to get rid of the cigarette smell.
City of Dreams Entrance

City of Dreams Entrance


wonderful lights

wonderful lights

Red Ginger Restaurant

Red Ginger Restaurant

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