We arrived at the airport at 6 in the morning. We headed straight to the immigration as we’ve already checked in our luggages the night before our trip. This is one thing I like about Emirates Airlines, you can do online check-in, self check-in at the kiosk at the airport, and if you have luggages, you can check in your luggages at the counter 24hrs prior to your departure. After being cleared from the immigration, we bought some stuff at Duty Free for our pasalubong then proceeded to Marhaba Lounge for some breakfast. The lounge is located on the North side of Concourse B, close to Gate B21.



One of the perks of being a Standard Chartered credit card holder is having an unlimited access at Marhaba Lounge and to other international airport lounges listed by SCB. The lounge offers some light refreshments, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with free wifi access. We had our breakfast there, choices are not that much, it’s mostly some selection of sandwiches, but for something that’s been offered for free, this is more than good for us. We left there at 30 mins past eight for our boarding gate.


Dubai to Manila is an 8-hour journey. My son had slept for most of the time so we didn’t have much trouble with him. We arrived at Manila Terminal 3 just in time at 10pm local time. We were excited to go out of the airport. Outside the airport, there are a lot of private taxis which offer exhorbitant prices. We opted to take the metred cab in order to save, problem is the long queue. We’ve been waiting there for sometime like 20 minutes when a foreigner approached us pointing at a signboard which says that Senior Citizens, PWDs, Pregnant and those with kids are priorities. I said thank you and walked passed 8-10 persons in queue. I have to say we are still 3rd in queue as these 3 men, on the early thirties refused to give up their line. Actually it was fine with us until another lady behind us, a college student wanted to go before us. The foreign gentleman spoke to the dispatcher and said “We’ve been wating here for hours, you allowed those men to go even though they are not on queue yet you could not prioritize this family who has a child when that is mentioned on your rules”. The dispatcher apologized and we finally got our cab going home. I actually feel ashamed because of these kabayans. The foreigner has a good heart to stand out for what’s right. I was actually expecting these kabayans to do the same thing and offer us first but that didn’t happen. It’s a shameful thing that Filipinos nowadays do not have Respect for others. I felt really bad for them.

On a positive note, we arrived home at EGI Tower Taft and it felt really good to be with the family. Thank you dear God for the safe journey.

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