My Parents Journey to the Sandpit

It was my Dad’s first time to visit the UAE, and first travel outside the Philippines, while my mum had been here for the third time now. Dad didn’t knew he’d be able to make it due to his condition (his left leg was amputated 26 years ago due to a car accident and he has been depending on his artificial leg to walk but only for a short distance). Luckily, my bro-in-law has a friend coming back to Abu Dhabi so we asked him to accompany our parents during their flight. Everything went on smoothly as planned.

Mom & Dad at NAIA Terminal 1

Mom & Dad at NAIA Terminal 1

They arrived at Abu Dhabi International Airport on a sizzling temperature as high as 47 degrees on 29th of May. Actually, we asked them to come over during October, having a pleasant weather but Dad got so excited that by the time he got his first passport, he immediately requested for the application of his visa. Another thing is that they also wanted to attend Ava’s first birthday which was on 8th of June.

Due to Dad’s condition and not to mention the unpleasant weather, they didn’t get the chance to explore more of the wonderful spots in the UAE. Well what matters the most is that they are with us at the moment and that our family is complete.

We took them to some places and enjoyed some of the activities such as:

1. Watching the dancing fountain at the Dubai Mall

dxb mall
2. Visiting St. Mary’s Church in Dubai and St. Joseph in Abu Dhabi. Mom told me that the last time Dad went to church was 26 years ago before the accident happens. I feel somewhat elated knowing that me and my sisters became a symbol in bringing Dad back to God.

at St. Joseph Parish Abu Dhabi

at St. Joseph Parish Abu Dhabi

3. Boodle feast at Kamayan sa Dampa.

Gastronomic Seafood Feast at Kamayan

Gastronomic Seafood Feast at Kamayan

4. An afternoon at Khalidiya Park. I’m just not sure if they enjoyed this (hot and humid weather)

Khalidiya Park

Khalidiya Park

5. Breakfast at Ikea Yas Island and then shopping at Abu Dhabi Mall. This was actually what Mom enjoyed the most. Well who doesn’t like shopping when it is for free.

Breakfast at Ikea

Breakfast at Ikea

6. Emirates Palace tour

7. Family Dinner at Max’s and Friday’s Abu Dhabi

Dinner at Friday's

Dinner at Friday’s

8. Another seafood boodle feast at home

9. Karaoke night with hard drinks of course..

Love birds :)

Love birds 🙂

Cheers to Mum and Dad

Cheers to Mum and Dad

10. Ava’s birthday bash at Lamesa Restaurant, Asiana Hotel which is the ultimate reason why they came here at the first place.


spotted Aiza S. at Lamesa

spotted Aiza S. (singer from the Philippines) at Lamesa on Ava’s Birthday

June 26th was the loneliest day for us as we bid farewell to both of them. Dad was fighting back his tears as we took them to the airport. He requested to come back in two years time to celebrate his grand 60th birthday. We can’t wait for that to happen.

2 thoughts on “My Parents Journey to the Sandpit

    • It’s actually for both reasons. He did had a good time and enjoyed every moment being with us all. Having our family complete rarely happens due to conflict in work schedule. This is actually the best way of bringing our families together. We’re already looking forward to their next trip back here.
      I appreciate your nice comment. Hope your family is doing great too.

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