What We Did Last Summer

It’s officially summer in the Philippines and I just missed spending it in my home country. Last year, my family spent most of our summer vacation going to the beach, and it was just the coolest thing to do to beat the summer heat.
1. Covelandia Du Family Resort (Labrador, Pangasinan)
It was my birthday and my dad had requested to celebrate it on a beach resort somewhere. We were choosing between Leisure Coast in Dagupan City and Covelandia Family Resort but since we’ve already tried Leisure Coast last year, we opted for the latter one. Covelandia is situated in Labrador, Pangasinan, two hours drive away from my hometown, Mangaldan. Dad seemed to know the driveway to Labrador and we easily managed to reach the resort.
There is an entrance fee of Php 150 per head for adults and Php 100 for kids. We rented a beach hut for Php 700 since we planned to stay for the whole day. They also have hotel rooms at affordable rates, should one wishes to stay overnight. The resort management allows guests to bring food from the outside, so in order for us to save money on food, we prepared packed lunch and sandwiches at home at brought it in. They also have barbecue grills and kitchen sink on every cottages.
Covelandia Hotel Residence

Covelandia Hotel Residence

Covelandia Gardens

Covelandia Gardens


As soon as we’ve settled all our things to the cottage, we immediately go in for a swim. There is an adult pool with slides, and opposite is the kiddie pool. My son enjoyed swimming to the extent where he doesn’t want to go out of the pool. After swimming and having lunch, we went to the bar. There’s a live band playing at 12 noon. The vocalist was good and the band was somewhat entertaining.
kiddie pool

kiddie pool


Fronting our beach hut is a spectacular view of Labrador-Alaminos Beach. There is a boat which will take you to Hundred Islands in Alaminos. I wanted to go there, but since we only have a limited time, we decided not to go. Perhaps some other time.
We enjoyed our stay at Covelandia, given its proximity to our hometown and the price affordability. However, there’s one thing which disappoints me. I had requested for a golf cart to transport my dad since he is handicapped, but then I was told that it’s not available. My husband had to assist my dad from the parking all the way to the beach cottage. And going to the toilet from the cottage was also another thing for my dad to bear! I have logged this as a complaint to the management, and hopefully they will attend to this.
2. San Fabian Beach (San Fabian, Pangasinan)
The best time to go to the beach is early in the morning, where it is not too hot and not too crowded. It is also the best time to watch the sunrise and feel the breeze of fresh air. San Fabian is just 15-20 minutes drive away from my parents’ house. One fine morning, we woke up as early as 5AM and headed to the beach. We tagged along my cousins who are staying nearby our house. The water was warm and inviting so I also joined them for the swim. We also rented a boat for about Php 100 or about a 15 minutes ride. I really loved the beach and will keep on coming back here every time I go home for a vacation.
Summer Fun with the Family

Summer Fun with the Family

on board for a boat ride :)

on board for a boat ride 🙂

coolest thing to do

coolest thing to do

3. Balungao Hot Springs & Resorts (Balungao, Pangasinan)
It was a sizzling hot April Maundy Thursday when we decided to go to Balungao. Balungao is a mountainous place, about an hour drive from Sta. Maria, hometown of my husband where his parents live. Since we are staying at my in-laws’ we decided to go on a nature trip at Balungao Hot Springs. Reaching the place was a struggle for us, as my sister-in-law is a nervous driver and hates zigzag road. In the end, we managed to reach the area. We paid an entrance fee of Php 50 each for adult and Php 25 for children. As much as we wanted to dive in for a swim, the hot spring water is not as inviting as it appear on the internet site that we checked. The water looks filthy as it is non-running and crowded with swimmers. One of the visitors told us that this place used to be clean and wonderful. So I’m not sure where did the entrance fee that we paid go to when the place is not being preserved? We ended up going home dismayed and disappointed 😦

Apiado Cousins (look at Apollo’s photo though)

By the way, they do have some adventure activities such as:
Zipline                     – Php 300
ATV Driving              – Php 200 for 15 minutes
Bungee Trampoline    – Php 100
Hiking / Trail walking
Mountain Biking
The kids decided not to do any of these activities as we’re going to Pugo, La Union for our Pugad Adventures. We think that the facilities there are much better than those in Balungao. I’ll be posting that on my next blog.

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