I was sitting on a bench in front of Hotel de Ville to rest my aching feet and when I saw this heartwarming moments with my boys. I’ve used my crappy old iphone to take the shot and I know the image quality is not that good so I have to edit it a little.

Chasing bubble (s)

I was just so happy watching my son smiling and laughing while chasing up some bubbles. Ahhh.. Children are so naive and so simple, worry-free and stress-free. They are always happy because they find joy in simple things such as this. We grown-ups tend to complicate things and ignore simple things that could bring happiness to us.
Children.. Let them be little.

Children.. Let them be little.

So on that day, my husband tried what it takes to be happy like the little children.. He then tried chasing up some bubbles like my son, lol.
hubby's turn to be happy :)

hubby’s turn to be happy 🙂

And I also have to share a happy photo with my son, in front of the lovely Hotel De Ville Paris, which serves as a housing for the city’s local government.

at Hotel De Ville

at Hotel De Ville

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