From Milan to Lausanne

Jennifer (Alex’s cousin) and family were kind enough to sponsor our one-day stay at Lausanne, Switzerland. They were even kinder to pick us up from Milan. My husband thought that this is too much thing to do for us, so we corteously declined the offer but they’ve insisted on it. We couldn’t thank them enough.
rendezvous at Piazza del Duomo (Alex's relatives on the left, mine on the right)

rendezvous at Piazza del Duomo (Alex’s relatives on the left, mine on the right)

We met them at Duomo Cathedral and it was quarter past 7 o’clock when we left Milan. We travelled and passed through the tunnels of the Swiss mountains. I was a bit disappointed though coz I couldn’t take a photo of the Swiss mountains as it was already too dark outside. I just pictured them in my memory about how green and lovely everything is. All of a sudden, everyone of us were feeling hungry only to realize that we didn’t had the time for dinner. Last thing that I had was a sandwich and a gelato from Como and my stomach is now complaining. We looked for some dining or drive thru-take away shops but all shops are now closed. Good thing I was able to put some biscuits on my bag, and this will be enough for me for now. Apollo had fallen asleep from watching some cartoons with Kristine (Jennifer’s youngest who is of the same age as Apollo). Kristine is still busy watching Mulan, her favourite cartoon movie.
Then we stopped by a gasoline station to refuel. I got out of the car to check the surroundings. Damn! It was freezing cold! My ears were aching as we were on high mountains. Jennifer told me we were a few meters away from the Italian-Swiss border, and there would be 2 hours more before we reach their home. I didn’t know I had also fallen asleep. It was 30 minutes before 12 midnight when Alex woke me up and we’re now at Lausanne, in front of Jennifer’s apartment.
We still managed to take a quick meal then slept at 2:00 in the morning. It has been a long and tiring day for all of us. Bonne nuit and Bonjour de Suisse!

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