Trip of A Lifetime

I received an SMS Notification today from Cox & Kings Global Services stating that our Schengen Application has been processed and our passports are ready for collection. I was so excited to get the result so I disturbed my husband from work and asked him to collect our passports immediately.
After collecting the results, he called and told me about the terrible news. He told me that we were denied due to insufficient documents to back-up our stay in Europe and that maybe this trip is not meant for us. Frustrating it is! Ever since I was a kid I’ve been dreaming of going to France and Italy and now all of a sudden, it’s like dream of a lifetime has been shattered, torn into pieces. My husband could hear the dysphoria and disppointment in my tone. I asked him, “Are you sure about that? As far as I know we have supplied them with all the documents they require. Why on earth have we been rejected?” All of a sudden, my husband is laughing at me, teasing me on how I got caught on his trap. Well, I have this feeling that we’re gonna make it, I don’t know why I doubted myself for a second when my husband told me that our application has been denied. Now it felt like I’m in Cloud 9! The smile on my face has been plastered for quite sometime. And oh yes! Dreams really do come true.
So on August 22nd, me and my two travel buddies are going on a trip of a lifetime! I’ve been doing my research now for our itinerary, and have to do flight and hotel bookings as well. I’m getting very excited now! Can’t wait to share our stories with you.
See you soon Vienna, Milan, Venice, Geneva, Paris and Holland!

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