Heart’s Day in Maldives

We’re supposed to travel to Maldives in December but due to some work schedule conflict, we postponed it. February is just right on time! And to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a romantic place on earth called Maldives, how could one not fall in love again?

at Club Med Island

at Club Med Island

FEBRUARY 14th in Maldives

It took us almost an hour to reach Club Med from Hotel UI Inn, using the speed boat. We went with the same group who went to the Picnic Island yesterday. Actually I kind of persuade the hotel receptionist to encourage guests to go to this place so we will have to pay less for the transportation going to island. Transportation is not included on the package (USD 110 per person inclusive of lunch buffet and beverages), so we have to split it with other guests going to the island. I’ve seen photos from the internet about Club Med and they’re beautiful. Much to my expectation… it was wow, splendid! Spectacular! Well you better come here and believe me you will define Maldives in all wonderful adjectives you could ever think of. The resort resembles a giant palm tree spread out accross the clear torquoise waters of a lagoon.

beautiful water villas

beautiful water villas





So here we are in this romantic place, sipping a glass of cocktail at the beach bar, overlooking at this magnificent view. Then they have this group of 3 singers (with the guitar of course), the lead singer is from our home country Philippines (a native of Cebu – southern part of our country). They sang one of my fave song, “I love you just the way you are”, followed by Tagalog song “Kahit Maputi na Ang Buhok Ko”. My, I’m in love again..

at the beach bar

at the beach bar


After a few shots of cocktail drinks and wine, we refreshed ourselves to the pool. There is this swimming exercise going on at the moment together with some guests, so I joined and had some fun.

having fun

having fun

my son with his new friend from NZ

my son with his new friend from NZ

At 1:00, we took our lunch at The Vehli. They served international and asian buffet. We met Gary, the lead singer from Cebu in this restaurant. He approached my husband and asked if he’s a Filipino, and then he joined us for lunch. We had a good chat with him. He is just 3 months working here and is very happy to see a Kabayan (Filipino term for countryman). Filipinos rarely visit this country so he’s delighted that we came in.


posing with a Maldivian staff at Club Med


a hearty meal

a hearty meal designed for me

Gary joined us for lunch

Singer Gary joined us for lunch

We parted ways after lunch as he has some gig to catch up to, while the 3 of us went to the souvenir shop, to the spa, then went back to the beach bar. At this time, the resort staff are very busy decorating the beach shore for a romantic Valentine Dinner. They put a big red heart in the middle, they set up the table with some heart stuffs and everything’s nice. Unfortunately we did not get a reservation for Valentine Dinner, as it is already fully booked. We headed back to Hotel UI Inn at 6PM then had our simple Valentine Dinner at the hotel balcony. It is still romantic for me as I get the chance to spend it with the 2 important boys in my life – my son and my husband.

my boys at the spa entrance

my boys at the spa entrance

Banyan Tree

a sturdy Banyan Tree


cozy setting at the beach side




It was such a wonderful experience to watch the sunrise and the sunset at Maldives!

Sunrise as a sign of new hope

Sunrise as a sign of new hope


Sunset as a promise of a new beginning


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hearts are everywhere in Maldives!


setting up for a romantic dinner


romantic scene

a romantic scene

IMG_4431 IMG_4422 IMG_4425

Romantic Valentine's Dinner at the Beach all set up

Romantic Valentine’s Dinner at the Beach all set up

On our way back to Dubai, my husband handed me a Valentine present which he purchased from Fly Dubai Duty Free. It is not a expensive jewelry, and I’m not looking for the price tag, it’s the thought that matters most to me. So here it is, a heart chain bracelet from Guess.

With Love!

With Love!

  • Travel Dates: February 13-15, 2014
  • Via: Fly Dubai
  • Stayed at: Hotel UI Inn Hulhumale


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