The Walking Street (Pattaya at Night)

We had our gastronomic feast at a seafood restaurant, same setting during our lunch (restaurant at the seaside). We ordered a seafood bucket and a Thai Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice (TSPFR) plus some drinks of course. The food was excellent! Two thumbs up for the TSPFR. I could say that this is now my new favourite Thai food.

Dinner at the Seaside

Dinner at the Seaside

Pattaya City at night

wonderful Pattaya City at night




After eating, the street going to our hotel is starting to get crowded. We’re not aware where we’ve got ourselves into! Honestly I didn’t have the slightest idea about Pattaya until that very moment. All I know is that it has a wonderful beach as what Thor had informed us. Bright lights were turned on, and slowly, sexy ladies (or maybe gays, or is it ladyboy as what others call it) are coming out to attract some customers. There were those dressed on a sexy nurse outfit, some as flight attendants, with super high heels, super big dangling earrings, and make-up enough to cover the face. My husband’s eyes are feasting! Well they say boys will always be boys. At the end of the street, policemen were there, making sure no one gets hurt. Well they say prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand but it is tolerated here in Pattaya. My word! After taking photos of those girls, I dragged by husband back to the resort.


Walking Street it is!



the ladyboys??


Watching the Muai Thai


my husband asked for a photo with the policemen

hubby with the friendly officers

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