The Unexpected Trip

Our trip to Thailand wouldn’t be complete without having a beach adventure. I’ve been wanting to go to Krabi as I’ve seen wonderful photos of my colleague in this island. I didn’t know we need to get on a domestic flight in order to reach Krabi. So we asked our friendly tourist guide Thor about the nearest beach to Bangkok, and he suggested Pattaya.

on the road to Pattaya

on the road to Pattaya

Bangkok to Pattaya is two-hours drive apart if it is by a private taxi. If we go by bus, that would be an additional hour as it will have several stops. Going by bus will be half the transport price, however, it will be hard to get the location as only few of Thai population know how to read, write and speak English. We didn’t have much time and we couldn’t take the risk, so we decided to go by taxi. Even the taxi driver doesn’t read and speak English, so Thor had given the written instruction to the driver and ask him to give Thor a call if there will be a problem. Then we finally reach Siam Bayshore Hotel & Resort.


Upon reaching the hotel lobby, we were immediately given some fruit drinks to quench our thirst. After checking in, we hurriedly went to our room to take a few minutes rest. The hotel room was spacious and cozy and the bed is so comfortable it’s dragging us to get some more rest. After restoring our energy, we roam around the resort’s nearby area. We searched for a nice restaurant and had our lunch. The restaurant had a perfect location and ambiance. It was located near the beach, overlooking a big “Pattaya City” signboard that resembles the Hollywood signage. After this, we went back to the resort for swimming and then relax at the spa.

lovely dining setting

lovely dining setting






The next morning after breakfast, we hired a speed boat to take us to the Koh Larn (Coral Island) for swimming. It takes around 15 minutes to reach there. The beach view is magnificent! We just stopped there for a while and returned back to Bangkok to catch up our flight.

Pattaya in Love

Pattaya in Love


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